• Success Stories

    • Mr. Franklin
      May 23, 2017
      Mr. Franklin was admitted to our facility following a surgical debridement on his left foot that resulted in a decline in mobility due to non- weight bearing orders and... Read More
    • Ms. B
      Feb 01, 2013
      Ms. B was admitted to our center on October 18 after being treated for atrial fibrillation in the hospital. She was very motivated and progressed to needing only minimal help... Read More
    • Mr. Miller
      Feb 01, 2013
      R.M. had been treated for a paralytic ileus and hyperalcemia in a short-term hospital before coming to us for rehabilitation. He needed help with bathing and required maximum... Read More
    • Mr. Jones
      Oct 29, 2012
      Quote from Mr. Jones “You don’t understand I would say and the Therapist said, but we do understand. You don’t want to get up out of this bed but you are going to the... Read More
    • Lula J.
      Feb 28, 2012
      Lula was such a pleasure to work with and she made great gains with her rehab services. On her initial evaluations with therapy she required max A overall for her ADL skills,... Read More
    • Bessie - A Seamless Recovery Across the Continuum of Care
      Dec 28, 2011
      Kindred’s presence across the post-acute spectrum of care means that our patients can recover as fully as possible in the proper care setting. Bessie’s story is a good... Read More
    • Terry H.
      Sep 28, 2011
      Success Story: (in his own words) On April 30, 2011, my family and I were involved in a major head-on collision. I was transported to UT Medical Center where I underwent... Read More
    • Lillian S.
      Jul 29, 2011
      Lillian is one of Maryville’s repeat customers. Every time she needs skilled care she asks to come to Maryville. On this occasion, she was extremely sick and weak with very... Read More
    • Lois M.
      Jul 22, 2011
      Lois, 96, lived alone in a nearby neighborhood. She was admitted after episodes with vertigo, which put her at risk of falls. She was an amazing worker and quickly completed... Read More
    • Louise B.
      Jul 22, 2011
      Louise came to our facility requiring skilled physical therapy intervention for sharp and blunt debridement and daily wound care. Her initial wound measurements were 10.5x2.1... Read More
    • Ethel: Motivated to Recovery
      May 02, 2011
      Ethel worked hard at every goal we set for her. She improved her overall daily living skills from min A to Independent and increased her home management skilled from... Read More
    • Jerry
      Mar 15, 2011
      On admission to Maryville, Jerry was confused and required assistance with all ADLs and mobility. His speech was difficult to understand and he was very tearful. He worked... Read More
    • Hazel
      Jan 09, 2011
      Hazel came to us after a hospital stay with renal failure. She was weak and had low endurance when she was admitted. Hazel was highly motivated from the start and was a great... Read More
    • Fred
      Jan 09, 2011
      Fred came to us after an exacerbation of his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and severe deficits with his respiratory status. He required oxygen and became short of... Read More
    • Bobbie
      Jan 09, 2011
      Bobbie was referred to our rehabilitation department with severely decreased mobility and problems with daily living skills. Pains in her lower left leg meant she was unable... Read More
    • Mitzi
      Jan 09, 2011
      I have a rare autoimmune disorder that affects my muscles. When I arrived at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation - Maryville, I could not move my arms and legs, or... Read More
    • Aubry - Going Home
      Sep 30, 2010
      Aubry came to us, recovering from pneumonia and with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Aubry's wife wanted to see if we could work on improving his physical strength... Read More
    • Rae - Healing and Recovery
      Jun 21, 2010
      Rae, 61, was admitted with multiple infections due to the rejection of hardware in her hip replacement. She came in on IV antibiotics and was unable to care for herself.In... Read More
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